About us

Business properties d.o.o. was established in 2001 in Zagreb. Our business includes various branches, mainly commerce and representation for foreign companies. Since 2006, we have specialised in the area of real estate, particularly investments in our own properties, mediation in commercial real estate transactions, land development and project management related to commercial real estate.

In all we do, we always try to be exceptionally transparent and reliable, and prove this in practice, as client satisfaction is our highest motivation.

The mission of our company is to assign higher value to real estate, and by adopting a professional approach, make it as suitable and desirable as possible.

Our range never covers thousands of properties, since we prefer a unique approach, rather than numbers. Our task is to select commercial top quality real estate, which we then present in our catalogue, and also to track down for what our purchasers really need. So we conduct thorough searches according to our clients' requirements, looking for the best possible prices in the shortest period of time.

In all spheres linked with real estate, Business properties d.o.o. collaborates with the most eminent experts in Croatia, so that along with mediation, we provide a complete service in design, spatial organisation, consulting, providing estimates, obtaining certification, providing tax advice, project management, development and finding potential investors for our clients' projects.

In other words, our aim is to create the story of your real estate, to turn it into a Business properties